Christmas Excitement!

I’m looking forward to this holiday season especially because of a new album coming out called Julia Wade And Friends — A Christmas Album.

I had an early listen of Julia Wade’s forth coming Christmas Album.  I’m excited!  The work, both original and familiar, is grand! 

Julia does a remarkable  job on this album. As well as her splendid voice, she brings the wonderful actress that she is to the interpretation of the songs.  

I’ve always thought of performing, whatever the niche, as painting a canvas.  Well, this Christmas canvas is painted with love, the great motivation to share, and gorgeous talent!

As always, there’s the blending of truth, humor, wit and beauty on the platter of songs Peter Link writes, orchestrates and arranges for the artist he’s working with.  Julia, delivers, delivers, delivers!!!

I’ve fallen in love with Rebecca Minor’s work. The beauty and purity of her instrument is a joyous ride!

Peter Link also joined uson this CD vocally.  I’ve long been a fan of both his composer/lyricist work, and of hearing him sing! No one knows the music’s intention and lyric better. 

I’m honored as well, to be a part of this project. When I first heard the song Peter wrote for me, I simply fell in love with the lyric’s message and the song’s melody.  I couldn’t wait to add my brush strokes to this Christmas canvas that is Julia Wade’s new offering!!!!

It’s now available on in time for stocking stuffers and under-the-tree surprises!

Jenny Burton

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