As we approach this Holiday Season with so much more on our plates than ever, I wanted to share this song.

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Margaret Dorn, Keith Anthony Fluitt & Isaac Clemon

Christmas In My Soul is among my favorite songs that I recorded and performed with The Jenny Burton Experience. In performance, it was one of those moments on stage at Don’t Tell Mama, one of New York famous Cabaret Clubs, when we all sat on stools unmic’d to allow the simple beauty of the lyric, the harmonies and the arrangement to float out into the air over the audience to embrace us!

Here’s the back story of how this song came to be.

December 24, 1999, 7:30 pm

Peter Link, Composer / Lyricist

I left Saks Fifth Avenue, NYC on that cold snowless Christmas Eve and was engulfed in a tidal wave of frantic last minute Christmas shoppers. Even Santa, ringing his Salvation Army bell, stomped his black boots to fend off the frostbite. With not an empty cab in site, I faced a long walk home loaded down with last minute gifts. I cursed my tired fate. But then an old man and part of the Salvation Army troupe began to play a Christmas song on his trumpet. I stopped and listened. The Christmas spirit then washed over me and I joyfully skipped on home. Later that night as Christmas Eve slipped into Christmas, I sat in my cozy robe with my cup of hot chocolate and wrote this song as Santa filled his stockings around the world. Oh, to get back to the simplicity of cozy robes, slippers and a cup of hot chocolate! 

Oh, to get back to dinners around the table with family and friends, loving each other and having good conversation.

Wishing everyone a safe, warm and Magical Holiday Season with a whole lot of Christmas in your souls!

Christmas In My Soul!

Jenny Burton

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