“Higher Ground” – A blast from the past – performed by The Jenny Burton Experience

Produced by Peter Ligeti (Ligeti Theatricals Presents), for an invited audience at the William Patterson Community College in Wayne NJ.

The Jenny Burton Experience was a formidable group, made so by the awesome composing and arranging acumen of Peter Link, the right-on vocal arranging by Margaret Dorn and John Danny Madden, and the wonderful craft and talents of the singers I took the stage with each performance.

As a group, we swept all the major music awards in New York City for best vocal group including the MAC Award, The Back Stage Bistro Award, and The Critic’s Choice Award. We were also named as one of Theater Week Magazine’s Top Ten Acts, and also won the CAB Award for Entertainers Of The Year. It had not occurred to me all that would happen, because we’d just set out to do the music, so how neat was that!

This blog is my nod, and the tipping of my hat to ALL the wonderfully gifted singers and people I worked with during my seven year journey with The Jenny Burton Experience. How lucky I was!

Below are the names of the singers I did this performance with:

Steve Abrams, Isaac Clemon, Margaret Dorn, Chrissy Faith, Keith Fluitt, Andrika Hall, Lawrence Hamilton, Stephanie James & Branice Mckenzie!

Thank you for being so awesome, guys!

Jenny Burton

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