Jenny Burton – Guest Artist at MONDO, WFM Listening Room


Inspirational Singer, Julia Wade, along with guest star, Jenny Burton, continue their Inspirational Concert Series Friday evening, June 19th at MONDO in Summit, NJ.  Presented by Watchfire Music, an on-line Inspirational music company, the Watchfire Music Listening Room is a 21st Century concert experience that brings the art of music listening to the forefront.

“Burton is indeed a musical wonder, with a voice that soars, and could probably knock down power lines…” ~ Bill Ervolino, The Record

Brownstone Theater and Art Space 3rd Floor
426 Springfield Avenue
Summit, NJ
Sunday Evening, May 17, 2015
7:00 PM

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A Listening Room is a fusion of the Recording Studio and the Concert Stage — an elegant and intimate performance space where technology meets artistry. You are up close and personal with the performers and fully immersed into the recorded orchestrations of their albums played through state-of-the-art studio systems. Far beyond a “track gig”, the Listening Room brings you an exquisite visit with the artists and their synergy with their recorded music.

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