SCATTERSHOT SYMPHONY PODCAST PRESENTS ‘IS ANYBODY LISTENING?”, conceived, written and composed by, Peter Link!

It is a question that profoundly rang in the heart of composer Peter Link, even before the pandemic.

So much so, that he set out to ask that question in the only way he knew how — through music!

What grew out of that question is a theatrical concert called, “Is Anybody Listening?”

“Is Anybody Listening?, is an uplifting performance that brings together talent and higher conscious thought on one dynamic stage. 

This experience is a calling out to those who are guided by the desire to love and heal, not only themselves, but also the world around them — a question that so needed to be asked!

We performed the concert at the Sheen Center for Thought and Culture on Bleecker St, NYC, in October of 2016.

I was a proud member of that cast.

The Cast: Anne Fraser Thomas, Brian Collazo, Elle Green, Freedom Bremner, Jonathan Singletary, Solange Prat, Tanesha Gray, Jenny Burton and Julia Wade.

The concert challenges the accelerated pace of our fast-moving lives and asks us to slow down and rediscover the lost art of listening.

Both Peter and I are proud and excited to share that live concert with you at the links below through a variety of ways:

Listen to the Podcast and Explore the Concert Together

Peruse and Purchase the Concert Album

Or Watch the Concert Right Here!

It promises to be an experience both entertaining and evocative, and it comes to you from heart to heart.

Jenny Burton

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