The Strength Of Tomorrow! – Back In The Day At Westrax Recording Studios

I found this song and video in my files that was recorded and shot decades ago. It’s struck me that it is still timely today, as we move forward out of the darkness. There’s always tomorrow and always great strength in the ongoingness of life.

Watching and listening to the video really took me back to the days of Westrax Recording Studios. Let me tell you a little bit about yesterday. Or yesteryear … 

For 23 years Westrax Recording Studios, owned and developed by Peter Link (Wikipedia), was one of the great mainstay recording studios in New York City. Its list of clientele read like a Who’s Who of show business, and the studio was home for many of New York’s top musicians and composers. 

Westrax Recording Studios was a working man’s state of the art recording studio and midi room. It was perfect for the producer and recording artists that didn’t have a budget for the bigger studios, but wanted a state of the art result. Owned and built, brick by brick, by Peter Link, music producer, and in the very early days recording engineer as well, Westrax was also staffed with some other very capable and talented engineers. Under the leadership of chief engineer Jeremy Harris, Westrax was our home! 

It was also, of course, very much home for Peter Link, who built the midi room mainly for himself so he could work for free in order to create his own music. There he composed for top of the line industrial shows, ballets, the Boardway theater and film scores. However, his favorite projects were always to produce selected artists. I was one of those. At Westrax, I was able to hone my recording chops in this wonderful gem of a studio. We both had a long and beautiful run! Even when that phase in our life came to an end, there was always tomorrow.

The strength of tomorrow, like never before, rests in our hands.  However, we don’t have to wait for some far off tomorrow, because it’s here today!  This song is a bit of a lighthouse out there on the tumultuous ocean of challenges we face — perhaps a small reminder and declaration to the strength we still possess to turn things around.  It’s an ode to who we are and to what we can still become!

This song is about women, but the truth be told, it’s for each of us that discovers our own authenticity and our own strengths. It’s about forging ahead with the best ideas, concepts, and sense of commitment that we can garner to make a better TODAY, each day! 

I tip my hat to all the great women and girls all over the world who are BRINGING IT, and I hope this song is an encouragement to anyone who picks up the gauntlet. We live in both a frightening and exhilarating time because The Strength of tomorrow, TODAY, lies with each of us!

The Strength of Tomorrow was written and produced by Peter Link.

Jenny Burton

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