Words Upon The Wall

Solos for Sunday Morning

Solos for Sunday Morning

If ever we needed to remember, hold onto, embrace and release back into the world, now is the time to be reminded of the message of Peter Link’s new song, “Words Upon The Wall“, from his new CD, “Solos for Sunday Morning”.

On this Monday, 9/11, my mouth aches to express the multitude of feelings I am having as I sit at my desk, at work, because of all that is going on in our world.

On that 9/11, sixteen years ago, three thousand souls were lost. The names were read again, this 9/11, and I heard and could feel the pain in each voice, as if it were their yesterday.

I sit in the knowledge of the hurricanes ripping up the country, the profound losses we’d suffered in the entertainment industry in recent weeks and then, the incredible loss of Louise Hay, metaphysician, teacher and pioneer of spiritual thinking.

My mouth ached, and I wondered what I could do to be released from the deep sense of sorrow and heaviness I felt.

I wanted to shout something out and shake my finger in the face of it all, and say, NOT SO!!!

Words wouldn’t come.

Earlier that day I’d made an intention to listen to Watchfire Music’s Inspirational Song of The Week.

As I listened to the beautiful simplicity of the song, I became intrigued. I then heard a familiar and loved voice that further intrigued me. When the song reached its hook, I was floored by the thing I needed to hear and know the most that day, delivered on these words.

“Divine Love, always has met, and always will meet, every human need.”!!!

I’d forgotten.

I finished that day in such a different and unfrozen place. I was filled with a deep sense of gratitude and peace because of that one enduring, indelible truth!

So lovely and powerful!

Way to write and sing a song, Peter Link!


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