Reaching Out From The Inside

Reaching Out From The Inside

Jenny Burton’s New 3 Song EP/CD – Reaching Out From The Inside does it again. Produced and orchestrated by best-selling composer, Peter Link, these three songs provide listeners with a fascinating view into the heart and soul of Ms Burton as she weaves her vocal magic. Once again we think you’ll find the essence of Jenny boldly and beautifully demonstrated. Once again, she reaches out to you – from the inside.

The EP/CD entitled, Reaching Out From The Inside contains songs penned by Peter Gabriel (the iconic song, In Your Eyes from the movie, “Say Anything” starring John Cusack), The Winans Uphold Me, by Gospel Music’s First Family — Marvin Winans, Fred Manns, and Ronald Winans) and a new original song penned by Peter Link from a title by Ms Burton, A Pile Of Tears. The style of the music is a fusion of Gospel and Pop.


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