The Best Of Jenny Burton

The Best Of Jenny Burton

The Best Of Jenny Burton is simply just that – the best of the recordings from 3 decades of music making. It represents the work of not only the radiant Jenny Burton, but also the inspired work of countless other musicians, engineers, arrangers and supporters. Produced and primarily composed by Peter Link, it is also a retrospective of a great portion of his career as well.

In this CD you will hear Jenny Burton at her best, and that is a very special something that we here at Watchfire Music are most proud to present. Here are 16 songs that will, make you weep, get you dancin’ and inspire your life with joy.

Please download the FREE Digi-Book as well for a stunning look-back at a fabulous career in music. Pictures, lyrics, insights, and praise to the skies await your eyes! But it’s your ears that will receive the best of it.


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