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There are so many moments in life that deeply touch, motivate and keep me going. It can be a song, something I watched on TV, or a beautiful moment on the street between human beings. Sometimes these moments live in the past, others today, so I decided to create Jenny’s Corner, to share some of these moments with you. 

When I’m feeling kinda down, I seek out my first and oldest love, Gospel music. The song below is an old-time, old fashion, no-frills kind of song. The kind of music I grew up around and the kind of singing from the heels that lift my heart and soul! The video quality isn’t what we’ve become accustomed to viewing, but all that’s necessary to lift one’s heart is!

The performance below is one among many from the Gospel Pioneer Reunion, featuring some of the most well-loved traditional gospel music trailblazers joining together for a joyful celebration in song. Legends including Richard Smallwood, Jennifer Holliday, Walter Hawkins, Albertina Walker, and more gathered around the piano with their friend and HOMECOMING founder Bill Gaither to share stories and perform soul-stirring renditions of gospel classics such as “O Happy Day,” “I Shall Wear A Crown,” “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus” and more.

Listen to Rose Marie Rimson-Brown sing, I Thank You Lord (Live) – The kind of simple, straight from the heels Gospel Music that I grew up on!

The CD is available –


Beat Street, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Volume 1 and Volume 2, are soundtrack albums from the 1984 drama film of the the same name. It was released in 1984 by Atlantic Records. Both albums were produced by Harry Belafonte.

Do You Believe is one of my favorite songs from the Beat Street sound track. Performed by the one and only Bernard Folwer and the Mariner’s Baptist Church Choir!

I love the lyrics, and the Break Dancers, dancing their butts off! I have major respect for dancers. What they do with their bodies without uttering a word, is awesome!

The music and lyrics celebrate, Hip Hop and Breakdancing as an art form, and is inspiriting on many levels!

I have four songs in the soundtracks. The theme song, Stangers In A Strange World, a duet with Patrick Jude, You Got It, a duet with Peter Link, and It’s Alright By Me. You Got It, and It’s All Right By Me, are written and composed by by Peter Link

Check it out on – Do You Believe –

Last, but not least, from America’s Got Talent 2021

Kodi Lee and H.E.R. – “Hold On”

More To Come!

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